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(7/58/06) Added a link to Bob the Builder from each blueprint page. -Big thanks goes out to Candyman
(3/28/06) Thereís an interesting thread on EF about this site. While I donít agree with the thread starter, he does raise some interesting misconceptions about this site and economics in general. First, there is no way that I can get data on buyouts and I agree with the comment that a buyout is not an accurate representation of the current price anyway. Second, for those of you who don't have any exposure to the study of economics or the ideas of "Supply and Demand" and "Utility Value", PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out the Wikipedia page on this subject. If there is only one item of it's kind in the world then the correct price is the highest amount anyone in the world will pay. If there are 100 items, the correct price is the 100th highest amount in the world.
(3/6/06) Added the "Add Comment" box to the Item Listing page. This will allow you to leave a small message that will be seen by other players interested in the same item or resource.
(3/5/06) There has been a request to reduce the number of auctions that are excluded from the price of an item. Itís now excluded if itís more than 5 sigma from the mean. If you have an opinion on this then please email me about it.
(3/4/06) Major overhaul in the graphing system today. You can now see the last 200 auctions, monthly, quarterly(90 days) and yearly data sets. You can also scroll left and right. Keep in mind that I donít have any data before 10/16/05 and so youíre not going to be able to scroll any further than that. Also, when the graph line turns red it means that there are way too many auctions to be graphed without the server blowing up and it averages the auctions out over small time periods. Have fun...
(3/4/06) There were some concerns about how the price listed for an item could be influenced by a few ďdoctoredĒ auctions. So, for example, the price for Animal Hide would suddenly skyrocket due to one auction selling it at a few million percent. This has been solved by not using ďoutlier auctionsĒ in the calculation of prices. For you math-types, Iím defining an outlier is anything outside of 2 Sigma, which comprises about 5% of all auctions.
(3/3/06) If you've noticed, the site now has almost a quarter million auctions and this made the Item Listing page slow to load sometimes. I've done quite a bit of database optimization and made this page snappy again.
(1/26/06) PE Assistant has completed the new module. Thanks Jorrit! Also added the Partner Sites box.
(1/24/06) Fixed another bug that caused items to be counted more than once sometimes. For example, "Melchi Crystal" sometimes is shown as "Melchi crystal" where the "C" wasn't the same case all the time.
(1/23/06 again) Fixed a bug that caused stackable items to be counted more than once sometimes. Also fixed some Firefox related display issues.
(1/23/06) Changed out the top logo background picture for a nice one with a Drone. I also added a Search box in the upper right of each page so you donít have to keep coming back to the home page to search. I finally switched the base-time to MA official time for all auctions.
(12/19/05) Added a trend line (of sorts) through the graphs of the more active items. Thanks Dub.
(12/18/05) Added a link from the item pages to the corresponding item pages in Thank you Marcus.
(12/14/05) Changed the way that the search screen displays by adding the category and price onto the search listing. Also, I got an email from the owner of and we might link back and forth between the sites to make it a little easier to find data on stuff.
(12/13/05, again) Busy today! All item screens with at least 5 auctions-with-bids now have a graph of the last 200 auctions. Future plans here include 7-day, 30-day, 90-day etc time graphs as well as some other display options. Oh, and thanks for all your emails!
(12/13/05) Added weapon data to the weapon screens. This includes efficiency, range and damage statistics that will help you make a good decision on your upcoming weapon purchases. Data for Firestorm and Nerve Blast chips use the current value of ME to find efficiency.
(12/8/05) Added some new features to the armor auction screens. Now it lists the other armor parts for that armor type. It also shows stats for that armor type including protection and durability.
(12/7/05) Added some more features to the item listing pages (thanks to the comments of Tinstaafl). Changes include a new button to see up to 200 auctions and a new set of prices based on 50 and 200 auctions for both sold and unsold auctions. Also fixed the display for paint to display as a percentage.
(11/22/05) Added the Ingot/Enmatter/Taloring list on the right side of this page. Fixed a few other little bugs. Starting to see a little more traffic to the site and noticed that Google has indexed it.
(11/21/05) Ok, the site finally has enough items to be usefull for trading. There will be fixes for the new (L) items to show them as a percentage and some other categorization fixes over the next couple days. Also, percentage items(ingots and such) have their price now calculated using a weighted average depending on how much of the item was auctioned. This will give a much more accurate price.
(10/17/05) Welcome to the new site. Since went down last weekend I decided to make a new Entropia Auction site and this time KEEP IT RUNNING FOREVER. I won't ask for donations or make you sign in. I'll just give you the info you need without any BS.
   This site works by gleaning the auction info off of the Entropia site. However, since I only started recording on Sunday, October 16th, I don't have very much data yet. This means that items will be missing and prices won't be as exact as they will be in a couple weeks. By then, the server will have collected data on thousands of auctions and you can once again trade with confidence.

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