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Category: Blueprints : Tailoring

1 Over The Knee Socks Blueprint (L) (27568.70%)
Angel Micro Skirt Blueprint (L) (144899.00%)
Arctic Trenchers Blueprint (L) (156398.00%)
Basic Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+2.58 PED)
Basic Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+3.03 PED)
Beach Shorts Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Berlin Jacket Blueprint (tt+1182.09 PED)
Boheme Pants Blueprint (tt+1000.99 PED)
Bono Shades Blueprint (tt+4356.97 PED)
Cadet Cowboy Boots Blueprint (L) (58275.40%)
Cadet Pants Blueprint (tt+3000.99 PED)
Catre shoes blueprint (tt+577.42 PED)
Chili Sombrero blueprint (tt+399.99 PED)
Cold Fabric Blueprint (L) (634.24%)
Desert Trenchers Blueprint (L) (39676.50%)
Dino Shoes Blueprint (tt+1.88 PED)
Direct Miniskirt Blueprint (tt+744.47 PED)
Droplet skirt blueprint (L) (47831.50%)
Eden Micro Skirt Blueprint (L) (40849.20%)
Enigma Bra Blueprint (tt+1000.40 PED)
Essi Evening Gown Blueprint (L) (191548.00%)
Evelyn Cocktail Dress Blueprint (L) (76161.60%)
Evening Gown Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Feodora blueprint (No completed auctions)
Flame Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.19 PED)
Flame Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+1.18 PED)
Flame-pattern pants blueprint (tt+2.09 PED)
Flash Pants Blueprint (tt+1000.91 PED)
Flower Boheme shirt blueprint (tt+999.99 PED)
Foxy High Stiletto Boots Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Fresher Boots blueprint (tt+424.05 PED)
Gem Bustier Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Hero Mask Blueprint (L) (2243.39%)
Hobb Bomberjacket Blueprint (tt+1847.76 PED)
Holestripe Shirt Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Jungle Trenchers Blueprint (L) (96178.40%)
Linestrip shades blueprint (tt+1734.99 PED)
Lodod Tanktop Blueprint (L) (140150.00%)
Luna Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+0.99 PED)
Luna Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+1.29 PED)
Luna-pattern pants blueprint (tt+1.09 PED)
Mad Clown Mask Blueprint (L) (67582.50%)
Make Up Mask (L) -Large Blueprint (L) (753.30%)
Make Up Mask (L) -Medium Blueprint (L) (334.01%)
Make Up Mask (L) -Small Blueprint (L) (306.69%)
Mallic Boots blueprint (tt+2651.99 PED)
Mannell Shoes Blueprint (tt+1.07 PED)
Master coat blueprint (No completed auctions)
McTiger Golf Pants Blueprint (L) (44212.10%)
Mittens Blueprint (L) (No completed auctions)
Multi Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.59 PED)
Multi Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+1.59 PED)
Multi-pattern pants blueprint (tt+2.19 PED)
Multi-pattern shirt blueprint (tt+1.89 PED)
Navy Officer Pants Blueprint (L) (24800.30%)
Nicole Ladies handbag blueprint (tt+701.99 PED)
Nifty Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.69 PED)
Nifty Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+1.59 PED)
Nifty-pattern pants blueprint (tt+1.99 PED)
Nifty-pattern shirt blueprint (tt+2.79 PED)
Ninja High Jacket Stripes Blueprint (L) (739333.00%)
Ninja Hood Jacket Stripes Blueprint (L) (1005000.00%)
Omegaton Arctic Walkers blueprint (L) (55801.10%)
Omegaton Desert Walkers blueprint (L) (38051.60%)
Omegaton Jungle Walkers Blueprint (L) (23448.00%)
Omegaton Sports blueprint (L) (16775.40%)
Paris jacket blueprint (tt+665.97 PED)
Pilot Goggles Blueprint (L) (23926.30%)
Private jacket blueprint (No completed auctions)
Private Pants Blueprint (tt+3628.99 PED)
Pub bowler hat blueprint (tt+2777.14 PED)
Racer Shades Blueprint (L) (417262.00%)
Radar Jacket Blueprint (tt+1376.88 PED)
Rage Pants Blueprint (tt+1.99 PED)
Rage shirt blueprint (tt+170.35 PED)
Rancher Hat Blueprint (tt+3251.63 PED)
Reilly Boots Blueprint (tt+1502.22 PED)
Seduce miniskirt blueprint (tt+1405.89 PED)
Skam Ladies handbag blueprint (L) (58396.00%)
Spotty Pants Blueprint (tt+922.49 PED)
Squared Pants Blueprint (tt+1000.97 PED)
Storm Jeans Blueprint (L) (411124.00%)
Storm Kolor Jeans blueprint (L) (1272640.00%)
Street Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.09 PED)
Street Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+0.99 PED)
Street-pattern pants blueprint (tt+1.69 PED)
Street-pattern shirt blueprint (tt+1.39 PED)
Stripe Pants Blueprint (No completed auctions)
Striped 1 Over The Knee Socks Blueprint (L) (39783.00%)
Striped Sport Shirt Blueprint (L) (21362.30%)
Stum Shirt Blueprint (L) (117786.00%)
Sun cap blueprint (tt+3865.97 PED)
Sunset shorts blueprint (No completed auctions)
Techno Pants Blueprint (tt+0.99 PED)
Techno shirt blueprint (tt+51.99 PED)
Theater Mask Blueprint (L) (1672.00%)
Tiger Stockings blueprint (tt+550.99 PED)
Tight Pants Blueprint (L) (99462.70%)
Tight Shirt Blueprint (L) (286500.00%)
Travellers Sport Shirt Blueprint (L) (56880.70%)
Trix stiletto heels blueprint (tt+1395.94 PED)
Ultra Cold Fabric blueprint (L) (21571.90%)
Urban Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.50 PED)
Urban Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+0.99 PED)
Welding Goggles Blueprint (L) (20965.80%)
Work Pattern Pants Blueprint (tt+1.48 PED)
Work Pattern Shirt Blueprint (tt+1.09 PED)
Zone pants blueprint (tt+1075.49 PED)
Zone Shirt Blueprint (tt+1240.15 PED)
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