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Category: Weapons : Pistols

Adjusted Korss H400 (L) (108.26%)
Adjusted Omegaton M2722 (tt+683.85 PED)
Ancient Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 (tt+300.00 PED)
Ancient EWE EP-32 Enforcer (tt+497.28 PED)
Ancient Omegaton Z1002A1 (No completed auctions)
Antique Pistol (tt+23.14 PED)
Breer M1a (tt+84.18 PED)
Breer P1a (tt+57.07 PED)
Breer P1a (L) (104.08%)
Breer P2a (tt+304.00 PED)
Breer P2a (L) (102.94%)
Breer P3a (tt+161.37 PED)
Breer P3a (L) (103.48%)
Breer P4a (L) (104.17%)
Breer P5a (tt+871.50 PED)
Breer P5a (L) (108.61%)
Cempball-Welch 1/P-1 (tt+0.89 PED)
Cempball-Welch 1/P-1 Mentor Edition (tt+12.36 PED)
Cempball-Welch 1/P-2 (tt+49.06 PED)
Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 (tt+193.06 PED)
Chikara APPPG-1 (tt+3132.30 PED)
Emik S30 (tt+17.20 PED)
Emik S30 (L) (115.77%)
Emik S50 (tt+416.66 PED)
Emik S50 (L) (101.88%)
Emik T10 (tt+6100.38 PED)
Emik T10 (L) (107.90%)
Emik X5 (No completed auctions)
Emik X5 (L) (136.89%)
EWE EP-10 Self Defense (tt+0.48 PED)
EWE EP-10 Self Defense, SGA Edition (tt+22.85 PED)
EWE EP-11 Self-Reliant (tt+0.60 PED)
EWE EP-13 Galactica (tt+0.73 PED)
EWE EP-14 Nebula (tt+1.17 PED)
EWE EP-16 Protector (tt+0.69 PED)
EWE EP-17 Bodyguard (tt+0.85 PED)
EWE EP-17 Bodyguard Mentor Edition (tt+2.80 PED)
EWE EP-17 Bodyguard, SGA Edition (tt+18.68 PED)
EWE EP-21 Defender (tt+4.87 PED)
EWE EP-22 Vanguard (tt+20.08 PED)
EWE EP-32 Enforcer (tt+1.48 PED)
EWE EP-32 Enforcer, SGA Edition (tt+61.55 PED)
EWE EP-33 Ultra Enforcer (tt+7.06 PED)
EWE EP-35 Serenity (tt+13.18 PED)
EWE EP-38 Night Special (tt+23.55 PED)
EWE EP-40 Mercenary (tt+38.26 PED)
EWE EP-41 Military (tt+438.18 PED)
EWE EP-41 Military, SGA Edition (tt+1675.16 PED)
EWE EP-43 Guard (tt+142.63 PED)
EWE EP-45 Hunter (tt+298.45 PED)
EWE EP-50 Ranger (tt+571.96 PED)
EWE EP-53 Submission E.L.M Edition (L) (tt+199.00 PED)
EWE EP-53 Submission RX Edition (L) (No completed auctions)
EWE LC-100 Frontier (No completed auctions)
EWE LC-240 Recon E.L.M Edition (L) (No completed auctions)
EWE LC-240 Recon RX Edition (L) (tt+68.09 PED)
EWE LC-300 Ambush (No completed auctions)
FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol (tt+0.86 PED)
FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol Mentor Edition (tt+2.32 PED)
FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol, SGA Edition (tt+6.93 PED)
FreanD Beta BLP Pistol (tt+0.54 PED)
FreanD Beta BLP Pistol, SGA Edition (tt+10.22 PED)
FreanD Delta BLP Pistol (tt+159.40 PED)
FreanD Delta BLP Pistol, SGA Edition (tt+720.48 PED)
FreanD Epsilon BLP Pistol (tt+1755.38 PED)
FreanD Gamma BLP Pistol (tt+22.45 PED)
FreanD Gamma BLP Pistol, SGA Edition (tt+64.71 PED)
GeoTrek H1051 Kisf (L) (207.76%)
GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L) (106.87%)
GeoTrek H23 Crista (L) (154.73%)
GeoTrek H25 Mikus (L) (132.37%)
GeoTrek H26 Elima (L) (169.54%)
GeoTrek H27 Vilitus (L) (159.51%)
GeoTrek H28 Hokipus (L) (156.00%)
GeoTrek H30 Illum (L) (184.14%)
GeoTrek H33 Uti (L) (179.88%)
GeoTrek H40 Brody (tt+2420.01 PED)
GeoTrek H40 Brody (L) (106.18%)
GeoTrek H41 Mina (tt+3406.09 PED)
GeoTrek H41 Mina (L) (104.97%)
GeoTrek H45 Ortso (L) (158.63%)
GeoTrek H46 Menes (L) (140.62%)
GeoTrek H49 Poros (L) (170.99%)
Improved EWE EP-21 Defender (tt+4493.14 PED)
Improved EWE EP-21 Defender, SGA Edition (No completed auctions)
Improved Korss H400 (L) (109.91%)
Improved Omegaton M2870 (tt+49280.90 PED)
Isis BL1000 (L) (103.33%)
Isis BL1300 (L) (127.74%)
Isis BL1600 (L) (113.39%)
Isis BL800 (tt+396.16 PED)
Isis BL800 (L) (101.27%)
Isis HL11 (No completed auctions)
Isis HL11 (L) (120.24%)
Isis HL12 (No completed auctions)
Isis HL12 (L) (127.08%)
Isis HL14 (No completed auctions)
Isis HL14 (L) (135.92%)
Isis HL15 (No completed auctions)
Isis HL15 (L) (143.13%)
Isis HL18 (L) (133.54%)
Isis HL18, SGA Edition (No completed auctions)
Isis HL20 (L) (125.05%)
Isis HL6 (tt+2419.42 PED)
Isis HL6 (L) (104.39%)
Isis HL8 (tt+49153.20 PED)
Isis HL8 (L) (107.93%)
Jimman Suite (tt+94.55 PED)
Karma Killer (tt+202.21 PED)
Korss H350 (tt+60.84 PED)
Korss H350 (L) (114.11%)
Korss H380 (L) (108.27%)
Korss H400 (No completed auctions)
Korss H400 (L) (106.18%)
M-Ray 1000 Laser Pistol (L) (No completed auctions)
M-Ray 2000 Laser Pistol (L) (No completed auctions)
Maddox I (tt+0.40 PED)
Maddox III (tt+2.97 PED)
Maddox IV (tt+286.06 PED)
Mann MPH (tt+0.39 PED)
Mann MPH DLx (tt+0.37 PED)
Mann MPH DLxE (tt+0.15 PED)
Mann MPH DLxEFi (tt+30.32 PED)
Mann MPH DLxEGrd (tt+0.90 PED)
Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary (tt+100004.00 PED)
Modified Korss H400 (L) (123.55%)
Omegaton M2100 (tt+0.85 PED)
Omegaton M2200 (tt+37.36 PED)
Omegaton M2201 (tt+10.56 PED)
Omegaton M2201A1 (tt+1.48 PED)
Omegaton M2722 (tt+1.30 PED)
Omegaton M2725 Mentor Edition (tt+6.36 PED)
Omegaton M2732 (tt+1.37 PED)
Omegaton M2732A1 (tt+1.57 PED)
Omegaton M2870 (tt+21.47 PED)
Omegaton M2875 (tt+89.89 PED)
Omegaton M2890 (tt+67.46 PED)
Omegaton M2910 (tt+326.72 PED)
Omegaton M2930 (tt+92.27 PED)
Omegaton M2930 Mentor Edition (tt+5974.13 PED)
Omegaton Z1001 (tt+10.09 PED)
Omegaton Z1002 (tt+17.02 PED)
Omegaton Z1002A1 (tt+15.50 PED)
Omegaton Z1101 (tt+43.87 PED)
Omegaton Z1102 (tt+63.90 PED)
Plasma Kyller (tt+9.39 PED)
Plasma Kyller Zwei (tt+52.34 PED)
Shriek Back Alley (tt+3.38 PED)
Shriek Basic (tt+0.29 PED)
Shriek Combat (tt+1.66 PED)
Shriek Covert Ops (tt+0.50 PED)
Shriek Offensive (tt+77.58 PED)
Shriek Street (tt+0.60 PED)
Svempa S40 (tt+3.33 PED)
Svempa S40 (L) (104.23%)
Svempa S60 (L) (102.06%)
Svempa T15 (L) (133.32%)
Svempa T5 (L) (106.17%)
Svempa X1 (L) (119.82%)
Svempa XT (L) (137.51%)
True Faith (tt+63.44 PED)
Ukash IW36 Pistol (L) (324.04%)
Willard Heatray A (tt+209.90 PED)
Willard Heatray A (L) (106.37%)
Willard Heatray B (tt+128.05 PED)
Willard Heatray B (L) (103.95%)
XFire Survival Blaster (L) (117.65%)
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