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Latest Buzz March 2nd - NewsClipper - 2010-03-03 11:28 AM

LandArea Management

Amethera OLA Landarea owners, please check your e-mails during the upcoming days! We need your feedback.

Tier Item Residue

The tier system brought a bug along with it. Some players experienced that while their item was full TT-value when tiering, they did not receive any residue. This was not correct, and we are going to send out compensation to those who’ve experienced it, in the form of Metal Residue. There’s no need to send in additional support-cases to receive this compensation, we have lists of everyone affected. The compensation will be sent out within a week, and will end up in the storage of the affected users.

Mission Survey results

Wow, did you guys like the mission system or what? Look at this! We’re so happy that you’re happy. That makes for great fuel for our current work on a larger number of missions, which will be taking place in the new, beautiful Fort Troy / Cyclops area.


Calamusoid & Kerberos

The two mobs went missing, and there have evidently been some search-parties out to find them. But don’t worry, we found them.. they were badly beaten, and they are currently in for surgery. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll make it!

Mall shop event

It was said that the mall shop event would start running again in mid February and obviously, it hasn’t. Unfortunately some items are still a bit problematic and are being worked on. The Mall shop event will happen, and it will have to start soon. If you have any items that are not working as intended, please send in a support case so we’ll be able to fix them before the Mall event starts.

Newsletter re-subscription

The Planet Calypso newsletter will be sent out a lot more frequent from now on, so make sure you have subscribed to it! We plan to develop it during 2010 with more special features, offers, bonus information and the like.

Check that you’re on our list by going to -> Account -> Manage Account. It’ll be a checkbox there with “I want to recieve information from MindArk”. If it’s checked, you should be on our mailinglist! Yay!

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