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PEABoard Rules
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PEABoard Rules


Rule # 1
You must be 13 years of age or older to gain membership to and participate in PEABoard.

Rule # 2
You may NOT have more than one account on PEABoard. If multiple accounts are discovered, the original (oldest) account will be permanently banned and you will be left only with the new account to participate on PEAB. If this rule is abused, you risk losing all accumulated posts, as well as any earned reputation or PEABD on your original account. And you may also be beaten with a wet noodle at the discretion of the management Wink

Rule # 3
You may NOT impersonate other EU players, or PEABoard admins or moderators, or MindArk Staff. Also, you may NOT use an intentionally misleading member names, such as "Official Entropia Reporter" or "Official Lootius Concubine" or similar.

Rule # 4
Banned or temporarily banned members may NOT create new accounts in order to continue posting, dispute their ban, or order pizza. Such accounts will also be banned and any and all threads/posts/pizza orders removed from the forum. These members also risk being permanently banned from the forum, and having their IP address(es) blocked and all toppings removed. If you wish to contact a forum administrator to discuss a ban, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every forum page.

Rule # 5
You MUST speak freely (respectfully) without fear of censorship. This board is for all players to speak their mind about EU. Free speech breeds a free society and you do not have to fear censorship here. We are glad to have you and your opinion.


Rule # 6
While debate and discussion is healthy, personal attacks, rudeness, racism, insulting posts, or unnecessarily inflammatory posts will not be tolerated. Posts of this nature will be locked by the admins or moderators. It is important to keep in mind that PEABoard is a "global community” and what might be acceptable behavior in one country may not be acceptable in another. Common politeness, courtesy and constructive posting of opinions is essential in preventing posts from being locked.

Rule # 7
Real life threats of bodily harm, injury, or assault (either direct or implied) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on any part of the PEABoard website or any of its affiliates and will ALWAYS result in a ban from the forum.

Rule # 8
Spamming, flooding, trolling, or flaming is NOT allowed. Personal insults and name calling is also NOT allowed and will not be tolerated. This pertains to PEAB administrators and moderators, forum members, in-game avatars, and MindArk representatives. These types of posts will be locked or removed entirely from the forum, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on severity. If you have any issues whatsoever with another member, please take it (politely) to a PM or in-game discussion.

Rule # 9
Constructive criticism of PEABoard administrators, moderators or MindArk representatives is ENCOURAGED within public areas of the forum. Public areas include: forums, member profiles, diaries, and galleries. If you disagree with how the forum is being moderated, please post a public message in the appropriate forum with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Rule # 10
Foul language in thread titles is NOT permitted. Foul language in posts should be kept to a minimum and not be used in a comment directed at another member, administrator, moderator or MindArk representative. Generalizations using foul language are common but when used in a direct communication to another person, they can be interpreted as rude or insulting. Opinions can be stated constructively without the use of excessive foul language that can be interpreted as flaming against others.

Rule # 11
Posting personal real world information about a member, administrator or moderator is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any threads and/or posts with this type of content will be edited or deleted, and may result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

Rule # 12
Try NOT to shout (all capital letters, and/or excessive punctuation) in posts or thread titles. Use CAPS and punctuation only for minimal emphasis. It is just to darned hard to read.

Rule # 13
Keep the whining and complaining in the Rants section. Constructively expressing your opinions and viewpoints in a mature discussion about in-game challenges can be productive and enjoyable. However, constantly complaining without constructive input can be a great release and lots of fun. The mission of PEABoard is to give you a FREE SPEECH alternative to other discussion places that may be heavily censored where you can have interactive and productive discussions about EntropiaUniverse or complain until you are blue in the face without retribution.

Rule # 14
Personal issues between individuals or societies should NOT be debated in the public forum areas. Such threads will be locked, since they often promote an escalation of rudeness, insults, and flaming. Similar, accusations of "scamming" that name specific EU avatars or PEABoard members are NOT allowed. There are always multiple sides to a story, and airing the issues in a thread invites other forum members to become third-party subjective judges regarding issues of which they have no first-hand knowledge. Too often, this results in problems not only to the individuals, but to entire EU societies and the EU and PEABoard communities as a whole.

Rule # 15
When buying a custom title at the forum store, do NOT use profanity, PEABoard staff titles, MindArk titles, or excessively long titles. Use common sense and originality when creating your custom title.


Rule # 16
Discussion of computer games or MMORPGs other than EntropiaUniverse is certainly allowed. Any and all such threads or posts should be in the off topic forum. We just kindly ask that you do not link to them or post images in the gallery.

Rule #17
Discussion of real world politics, nationalism, religion, war, or other similarly controversial topics is NOT acceptable or appropriate for this forum. As indicated in Rule # 6, PEABoard is a global community with players from around the world, so discussion of such topics has the potential to turn threads into battlegrounds and divide the community. Therefore, refrain from starting or participating in any such discussions, as they will be locked.

Rule #18
Stay ON TOPIC within a thread. A thread starter begins a specific topic for a reason. Hijacking a thread with off-topic issues will get the post locked and repeated offenses may warrant temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of management. We realize that discussions often times can trigger thoughts or opinions that do not relate directly to the initial thread topic. However, please make an effort to keep your posts relevant to the thread topic; detours unfortunately usually take a thread off-topic and invite others to do the same.

Rule #19
Any threads or posts about leaving EntropiaUniverse, such as: “I’m Quitting” or "I've Had Enough" or “Taking a Break”, whether for positive or negative reasons, are considered free speech and WILL be tolerated. This includes any individual posts where comments are made in other threads as well. This rule also applies to sales threads. If you are leaving EU and are selling your items, feel free to include comments in your sales thread that indicate that you are “quitting” or “taking a break.” Members who are curious as to the intention of the poster can also inquire through PM or in-game but should not feel they are not allowed to speak their mind.

Rule #20
Addressing MindArk respectfully and directly in thread titles is certainly allowed. PEABoard is a privately owned forum that has the honor of periodic visits and announcements from MindArk representatives. However, PEASB is NOT an official MindArk or EntropiaUniverse forum, but you can still address MindArk directly because you are a customer. MindArk is under no obligation to respond to any threads, posts or private messages. Please do NOT send support questions via PM to any of the MindArk representatives who visit PEAB though; instead make use of the support section of the EntropiaUniverse official website.

Rule #21
Affiliate or referral links posted with the intention of personal gain are certainly allowed as long as they are game related. Advertising real life items or services is also allowed, including such posts as “I’ll make you a nice signature for PEDs” or "Cheap web hosting for societies". If you would like to advertise on PEAB or using a prominently placed banner you may pm the administrator for details. We are not here to make money from you we are here for you to speak freely.

Rule #22
Please make an effort to post new threads in the appropriate forum. If you are unsure which forum your thread belongs in, please take the time to read the forum descriptions (usually a sticky post at the top of each forum) to familiarize yourself with the areas of discussion of the various forums. If you are still unsure, please ask a moderator or administrator. Threads posted in an inappropriate forum will be moved without notice.

Rule #23
Temporary bans leave a member with only the option to browse the forums, but not the ability to post or respond. Permanently or temporarily banned members are NOT allowed to have another member post on his/her behalf. Do NOT accept a banned member's request to post on his/her behalf.

Rule #24
Posting the content from an email, chatlog, private message or reputation comment received from another member in a thread, post, diary, profile, signature or other publicly viewable area of PEAB is certainly allowed. People should be willing to take responsibility for the things they say. We trust you will use your best judgement in keeping things expressly said in confidence private.

Rule #25
Bumping of threads is allowed only if the thread has been pushed to the second page of a forum (using default viewing settings). This rule applies especially for the Trading forum. A thread (sales or otherwise) can only be bumped ONCE in any 24 hour period. Similarly, reciprocal bumping of threads by friends more frequently than ONCE in a 24 hour period is not allowed.

Rule #26
Double and triple posting (either in one or multiple forums) is also considered SPAM. If no one has responded to your thread, take the time to clarify or edit your original post instead of making a duplicate one.

Rule #27
PEAB is an English-only forum. All threads and posts must be written in English. This includes all publicly viewable parts of the forum: thread titles, posts, signatures, user titles, diaries, profiles, and any other area that can be viewed by other members. However PM's may be in any language you choose.

Rule #28
Any posts or links to warez, download, cracks, illegal file-sharing, pornography, or similar content will be deleted without notice. Such discussions or links are totally inappropriate on PEAB. Contrary to popular belief discussions on this topic ARE NOT illegal but the actions are so this rule stands.


Rule #29
All pics and signatures must be uploaded to the PEAB gallery. Linking to another source is NOT allowed. We reserve the right to change your avatar/signature/posts without further notice but in all cases a PM will be sent to request that you change it yourself.

Rule #30
When uploading a pic to the gallery either edit the size of the graphic file or use the thumbnail or link option to post pics in a thread to prevent expanding the forum. Any pic that expands the forum will be left alone but the thread will be locked.

Rule #31
Pornography or sexually explicit material is NOT allowed at this forum. Obscene images, porn, or offensive text related to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other imagery or language that the staff deems as inappropriate will be deleted. This rule also applies to avatar pics and signatures. In most cases, an individual will be sent a PM to replace/remove the material in question as it refers to avatar pics and/or signatures, unless the material is extremely offensive, in which case the admins or moderators will remove it immediately.

Rule #32
Signatures: Text used in your signature may not be too long and not use characters larger than “SIZE=3” and only contain 5 lines of text. Please limit graphical signatures to 500x120 pixels. One 500x120 pixel image and ONE line of text is acceptable, but not an image along with a large amount of text. Please keep your signature as small as possible, since large signatures clutter the forum and cause unnecessary amounts of scrolling.


Rule #33
If you have items listed in the EntropiaUniverse auction system, you are NOT allowed to post an auction thread at this forum. In fact we recommend using FREEAuction and saving some fees. The purpose of the Trade section is for items that are not easily sold in the in-game auction, like full armor sets. It is also the auction poster’s responsibility to monitor their forum auctions and respond in a timely manner to those who are either submitting bids within the thread, or providing bids through PM. Sellers should also make a post in their sales threads indicating if an item is sold or withdrawn; this will help avoid confusion among potential bidders.

Rule #34
Please try to make your item sales rules simple and clear. While PEAB wishes to give its members flexibility in creating auction and sales threads, we reserve the right to lock any unnecessarily confusing or restrictive sales threads, based on member feedback.

Rule #35
Any member who routinely fails to follow through on sales or purchases made in the trading forum risks losing access to this part of PEABoard.

Rule #36
Hijacking of sales threads to dispute the perceived market value of an item is NOT allowed. If you want to discuss the value of an item, create a thread in either the "Items" or "Price Check" forums to debate such matters.

Rule #37
All prices must be expressed in PEDs (or Sweats for Sweat auctions). No sales threads or links are allowed with prices expressed in real-world currencies (which implies a transaction outside of EU) are allowed on PEABoard.

Rule #38
Any sales thread that clearly violates the EntropiaUniverse EULA is prohibited on PEAB. This includes, but is not limited to, the sale of EU avatars, account access, Gold Cards, PEDs for cash, etc.



There are many venues to discuss EU. We here at PEABoard think that freedom of speech for everyone is important. You will find that here at PEAB you are allowed to speak freely as long as you exercise a little sense in your speech. We will NOT edit or delete your posts with the exception of certain EXTREME circumstances instead they will be kept alive and locked. Deletion and editing are censorship in its worst form. We also believe nobody but the participant should have control of their spoken word as editing can completely change the speakers intended meaning. As we say here at PEAB "Free speech breeds free societies". We encourage you to speak your mind. If we did not have opposing opinions it would be impossible to improve. We want you to feel at home here at PEAB, this community was created for you and will continue to be driven by you the user. That being said please read the information below:

While the above rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate all circumstances. Consequently, PEAB administrators reserve the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to ensure that the forum is not disrupted or abused in any way, or that any of our members are harassed.

Please be aware that it is impossible for moderators and admins to read every single thread, post and diary on PEAB. While we try to do the best job we can to keep discussions positive, on topic and polite, we cannot be everywhere at once. We encourge members to help us in this effort by reporting any inappropriate threads etc. to administrators or moderators via PM.

PEAB administrators also reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice, restrict the permissions of a member or his/her ability to access the forum, and to ban anyone who violates the forum rules as defined here. Any threads/posts/users that violate any of the above rules may be deleted or modified without notice.

As PEAB continues to grow, new circumstances and situations may occur that periodically require a revision of the forum rules. As such, PEAB administrators reserve the right to modify and/or expand the official rules of this forum. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to advise yourself of the latest rules.

The PEAB administrators shall be the sole arbitrators of what does and does not violate PEAB community standards.

The more general right to refuse access, ban a user, block an IP address, or otherwise restrict the functionality of PEAB services in any way is reserved by the EF administrators.

The decisions of the PEAB administrators are final.
2006-12-28 07:33 PM
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sounds like a bit of out with the old and in with fresh and new, i like it.

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2007-02-11 09:41 AM
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I am glad to hear you like the idea of change. We are trying to give people a place where they can speak freely and not have to worry about over moderation etc.

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"And on the 8th day God created Kaiser Kaiser Soze and saw that he was good....NO in fact delicious!!"
2007-02-12 07:38 AM
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